Our Story

In 2016 Great North Research & Innovation was founded by a clinician as a research and development company specialising in biotechnology and advanced diagnostics.  GNRI's principal mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by Sepsis and as a company we remain dedicated to that purpose, and to developing effective solutions that improve outcomes for patients.

The GNRI platform provides information that enables clinicians to act rapidly, with the clarity of purpose that comes from peerless sensitivity and specificity: eliminating harmful delays to therapeutic intervention in cases of Sepsis, and in other life-threatening infectious conditions.

At GNRI our specialist team collaborates with key partner organisations to deliver advanced research and development in biotechnology and diagnostics for the benefit of patients all over the world.  Our principal objective is to bring about a step change in the field of medical diagnostics: introducing novel, affordable solutions that offer enhanced speed and accuracy.

From concept development to point-of-care, GNRI exists to enable real-time informed clinical decision-making in high risk scenarios where time and accuracy are critical factors.

Meet The Team


Dr Georgios Gerardos

MB BCh, MSc, MRes

Founder & CTO

A clinician specialising in Neonatal Medicine, Dr Gerardos is the named inventor in 2 families of patents comprising the advanced diagnostic development work undertaken at GNRI.

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Peter Roberts


Mr Roberts is a serial entrepreneur of over 40 years standing having founded and supported numerous enterprises to global success.

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Keith Page



Keith is a specialist consultant in Bioscience and Biotechnology with advanced knowledge of product management, development, medical technologies and regulatory approvals.

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Dr Sarah Sommer

PhD, MSc, BSc

Post Doctoral Research Scientist

Sarah is a highly experienced research scientist with a background in molecular microbiology, genetics and diagnostics.

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Andy Craig

BSc (Hons)

Executive Chair

A former broadcast journalist turned serial entrepreneur, Andy has business experience and interests spanning Media, Cybersecurity and Healthcare.  

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Brian Chester


Financial Officer

Brian brings more than 30 years of experience in accountancy and finance, and a background in AIM listings and acquisitions for a varied portfolio of clients.

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Graeme Elliott

MRes, BA (Hons)

Head of Client Relations

Graeme is a skilled relationship management and business development professional, with experience of the strategic development and management of multi-stakeholder projects.

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