Coronavirus: Bristol man overcomes virus, sepsis and bleed to brain

A man who survived coronavirus along with blood clots, a bleed on the brain and sepsis says his family suffered more than he did.

John Biddle was taken to the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) at the end of March and then on to a specialist hospital in London.

At one point his wife Chris was told by doctors he probably would not survive.

But after weeks of recovery at a rehabilitation unit he was able to return home on Friday.

Mr Biddle, 49, from Highridge in Bristol, was placed on a ventilator at the BRI on 27 March.

Two days later he was taken to London's Royal Brompton to be placed on an ECMO machine - an artificial lung.

Within 48 hours, doctors called his wife to say it was unlikely he would survive.

"That was an horrendous day," she recalls. "They Zoom-called me so I could at least see him."

As a result of his ordeal, Mr Biddle - who already had arthritis - has gangrene in the fingers of his right hand and one of his toes.

"I don't remember any of it, nothing of the time in London," he said.

"It was upsetting was to hear they were going to pull the plug unless I showed signs of improvement... it made me think what my wife and kids must have gone through.

"They've suffered more than me because they've had to live it."

"I've got to rebuild my life now. I didn't use some of my muscles for weeks," said Mr Biddle.

"I can't wait to have a burger and chips as well."